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Through hope, tragedy can be turned into victory...

Our founder Marie-Christine Williams was abandoned when she was only 3 months old. During her childhood she was abused by her father and teachers, bullied and felt rejected by her classmates, and hunted by death squads for 100 days during the Rwandan Genocide. This all happened before the age of 15. 

After the genocide she was disfigured, couldn't walk, and felt like her life was not worth living. She spent the next 4 years in a hospital physically recovering, and many years after that getting over the mental trauma. As a biracial child living in Rwanda, she knows what it's like to not fit in, and was reminded daily of how she was different. Being suicidal at the age of 12, she knows what it's like to lose hope and feel like no one cares. 

Today she shares her story to empower others that are struggling, and have given up hope. She want them to know that she understands, and that there is always hope for a better future. That anything can be overcome and is possible if you accept yourself and don't give up.

MCW Hope For Life helps the community in several ways, but because of her past, helping children have a special place in Marie-Christine's heart. 

Our latest program is helping struggling teens with the challenges they face with a special focus on reducing teen suicide and bullying.